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Hair loss or thinning may occur both in men and women depending on various factors but in most cases cosmetic procedures and/or medical treatments can reverse the effects of hair loss to certain degrees, thanks to both surgical and medicinal advances in hair loss treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a relatively new popular non-surgical method of hair restoration treatment for both men and women. Since human blood naturally contains stem cells and essential specific growth factors that help in tissue regeneration and healing, the main purpose of PRP in hair restoration is to ...   CONTINUE READING »

FUE Hair Transplant Follicular Unit Extraction or follicular unit transplantation, is the modern and widely used, minimally invasive method of hair restoration which involves extracting individual hair follicles from regions that have genetically stronger and denser hair and transplanting them to the balding areas. FUE is more advanced compared to older techniques like ...   CONTINUE READING »

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